Randal Bridges
Producer, XOS Digital

Ted Haines is a true professional. He has a rare talent in the broadcast field in that he can both produce and edit video at a high level. I strongly endorse Ted’s abilities for anyone looking for a great video editor.

Dave Pool
Copywriter/Producer, GoConvergence

For more than a decade Ted has been a valuable contributor to many videos I’ve written and produced. He always elevates the quality, maintains a stablizing calm in the midst of frequent chaos, and exhibits an amazing ability to take sketchy direction and turn it into something wonderful.

Andrea Hubbs
Owner, Gripyard Productions, Inc

Ted does a great job from start to finish on any kind of video project. He pays attention to detail and is a perfectionist!! He’s also laid back and fun to work with…..I totally recommend him for any video project!!

Jim Weathers
Producer, Director at A House On A Lake Productions

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ted on a wide variety of projects through the years. I have always relied on Ted’s creative input, and experience to help move my project along to a wonderful final delivery. He’s buttoned-up, and a pleasure to work with!

Jason Dewberry
Owner, 7D Productions

Ted was the first editor I worked with in Orlando when I worked in marketing for the Disney Vacation Club. Working with him inspired me to change my career path from working in marketing back to major of television production.